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To configure 0x0, create ``instance/config.py``.
The defaults are at the start of ``fhost.py``. To change them,
add them to ``instance/config.py``— for example::
To configure 0x0, edit ``instance/config.py``. Resonable defaults are set,
but there's a couple options you'll need to change before running 0x0 for the
first time.
SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI = "sqlite:///some/path/db.sqlite"
For more information on instance configuration, see
By default, the configuration is stored in the Flask instance directory.
Normally, this is in `./instance`, but it might be different for your system.
For details, see
`the Flask documentation <https://flask.palletsprojects.com/en/2.0.x/config/#instance-folders>`_.
To customize the home and error pages, simply create a ``templates`` directory