Fix meson warning (#126)

* [git] ignore IDE setting, Meson subprojects

* [win_installer] rename *.mo -> *.gmo

* [win_installer] only add aeg translations

* [win_installer] split aeg/wx translations

* [win_installer] gen & pack translations

* [git] ignore hunspell source dir

* [git] ignore uchardet source dir

* [test] Generate the test executable

run with `meson test`

* [test] add tools to remove test data files

`unset.bat FULL_PATH`

* [test] set to correct Error type

* [test] Set Source character sets to UTF-8 for MSVC

* [test] move test data files to build_root

* [meson/wxWidgets] fix warning: deprecated feature `cmake_options`

* [meson] fix warning:  msvc does not support C++11

* [meson/fribidi] add original file

* [meson/fribidi] merge pr-151
"meson: add fribidi_static_cargs to extra_cflags"

* [meson/fribidi] fix DEPRECATION

"Library fribidi was passed to the "libraries" keyword argument of a previous call to generate() method instead of first positional argument."

* [git]  rm IDE dir

* [meson] remove old flags

* [meson] fixed in upstream
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parent 7e9c7d7aa0
commit 0dffcec461
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@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
project('Aegisub', ['c', 'cpp'],
license: 'BSD-3-Clause',
meson_version: '>=0.56.1',
default_options: ['cpp_std=c++11', 'buildtype=debugoptimized'],
default_options: ['cpp_std=c++14', 'buildtype=debugoptimized'],
version: '3.2.2')
cmake = import('cmake')
@ -122,22 +122,29 @@ wx_dep = dependency('wxWidgets', version: wx_minver,
if wx_dep.found()
deps += wx_dep
build_shared = 'ON'
build_shared = true
if get_option('default_library') == 'static'
build_shared = 'OFF'
build_shared = false
build_type = 'Release'
if get_option('buildtype') == 'debug'
build_type = 'Debug'
wx = cmake.subproject('wxWidgets', cmake_options: ['-DwxBUILD_INSTALL=OFF',
'-DwxBUILD_PRECOMP=OFF', # otherwise breaks project generation w/ meson
'-DwxUSE_WEBVIEW=OFF', # breaks build on linux
'-DwxBUILD_MONOLITHIC=ON']) # otherwise breaks project generation w/ meson
opt_var = cmake.subproject_options()
'wxBUILD_INSTALL': false,
'wxBUILD_PRECOMP': false, # otherwise breaks project generation w/ meson
'wxBUILD_SHARED': build_shared,
'wxUSE_WEBVIEW': false, # breaks build on linux
'CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE': build_type,
'wxUSE_IMAGE': true,
'wxBUILD_MONOLITHIC': true # otherwise breaks project generation w/ meson
wx = cmake.subproject('wxWidgets', options: opt_var)
deps += [