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@ -78,6 +78,17 @@ wxWidgets is located in vendor/wxWidgets, and can be built like so:
Once the dependencies are installed, build Aegisub with `autoreconf && ./configure --with-wxdir=/path/to/Aegisub/vendor/wxWidgets && make && make osx-bundle`.
`autoreconf` should be skipped if you are building from a source tarball rather than `git`.
## Updating Moonscript
From within the Moonscript repository, run `bin/moon bin/splat.moon -l moonscript moonscript/ > bin/moonscript.lua`.
Open the newly created `bin/moonscript.lua`, and within it make the following changes:
1. Prepend the final line of the file, `package.preload["moonscript"]()`, with a `return`, producing `return package.preload["moonscript"]()`.
2. Within the function at `package.preload['moonscript.base']`, remove references to `moon_loader`, `insert_loader`, and `remove_loader`. This means removing their declarations, definitions, and entries in the returned table.
3. Within the function at `package.preload['moonscript']`, remove the line `_with_0.insert_loader()`.
The file is now ready for use, to be placed in `automation/include` within the Aegisub repo.
## License
All files in this repository are licensed under various GPL-compatible BSD-style licenses; see LICENCE and the individual source files for more information.