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@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ The `cibuilds` branch makes some CI builds of snapshots of `feature` at relevant
- [`color_picker_fix2`]( Add an option (under "Interface") to restrict the color picker to the window, which fixes the color picker on Linux in a lot of cases.
- [`avisynth`]( Reenable Avisynth support on Windows and enable Avisynth on Linux
- [`bestsource`]( Add BestSource audio and video source. This source is slower than others by multiple orders of magnitude, but in exchange it can guarantee exact seeking.
- [`vapoursynth`]( Add Vapoursynth audio and video source
- [`vapoursynth`]( Add Vapoursynth audio and video source
- [`bugfixes`]( Various fixes necessary for compilation. Most branches are based on this.
- [`fixes`]( Miscellaneous bugfixes
- [`misc_dc`]( Miscellaneous changes taken from AegisubDC