Testcase for text_extents function

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-- Automation 4 test file
-- Test the result of the text_extents function
script_name = "Test text_extents"
script_description = "Test what the result of text_extents is on a fixed string on all styles in the file"
script_author = "Niels Martin Hansen"
script_version = "1"
function test_te(subtitles, selected_lines, active_line)
local teststring = "Test"
aegisub.debug.out("Test string is '" .. teststring .. "'\n")
local styles = {}
for i = 1, #subtitles do
local l = subtitles[i]
if l.class == "style" then
aegisub.debug.out(" - - -\n")
aegisub.debug.out("Found style: " .. l.name .. "\n")
local width, height, descent, extlead = aegisub.text_extents(l, teststring)
aegisub.debug.out(string.format("Width: %.2f Height: %.2f Descent: %.2f Ext. lead: %.2f\n", width, height, descent, extlead))
aegisub.register_macro("Test text_extents", "Show the result of the text_extents function for all styles in the file", test_te, nil)