Add commented i18n.merge_file version

Using that makes use of gettext (and msgfmt) rather than intltool,
which is the proper way but requires a more recent gettext version and
I'm not comfortable adding that dependency for now.

Specifically, it would require updating the autotools chain as well
as the template files are incompatible.

See for more info.
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FichteFoll 2019-07-23 02:10:18 +02:00 committed by Ryan Lucia
parent 650954f28e
commit 6343d36169

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@ -8,6 +8,17 @@ else
output: 'aegisub.desktop.template',
configuration: c_pkg)
# TODO: switch this to gettext from intltool
# requires modifying the autotools chain and a recent-ish gettext
# i18n = import('i18n')
# i18n.merge_file(input: desktop_template,
# output: 'aegisub.desktop',
# type: 'desktop',
# po_dir: '../po',
# install: true,
# install_dir: join_paths(get_option('datadir'), 'applications'))
intltool_merge = find_program('intltool-merge')
desktop = custom_target('aegisub.desktop',
input: desktop_template,