README: lua_api, wangqr_time_video, and the zlib linker bug

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@ -20,13 +20,15 @@ The `cibuilds` branch makes some CI builds of snapshots of `feature` at relevant
### Branch/Feature list
- [`folding`]( Add the ability to visually group and collapse lines in the subtitle grid
- [`lua_api`]( Add new functions to the Lua automation API, like controlling the selection or cursor in the text edit box
- [`vector_clip_actions`]( Make the different modes of the vector clip tool (lines, bezier curves, adding points, etc) bindable to hotkeys
- [`color_picker_fix2`]( Add an option (under "Interface") to restrict the color picker to the window, which fixes the color picker on Linux in a lot of cases.
- [`avisynth`]( Reenable Avisynth support on Windows (Still occasionally crashes)
- [`bugfixes`]( Various fixes, mostly relevant for compilation
- [`misc_dc`]( Miscellaneous changes taken from AegisubDC
- [`video_panning_feature`]( Merge [moex3's video zoom and panning](, with an OSX fix and an option to toggle the behavior of Ctrl+Zoom
- [`video_panning_feature`]( Merge [moex3's video zoom and panning](, with an OSX fix and more options to control zoom behavior
- [`spectrum-frequency-mapping`]( Merge EleonoreMizo's [spectrum display improvements](, and also make Shift+Scroll vertically zoom the audio display
- [`wangqr_time_video`]( Merge wangqr's feature adding a tool for timing subtitles to changes in the video
### Troubleshooting
#### Building fails with a "CMake sandbox violation"
@ -43,6 +45,9 @@ The changes to `default_config.json` or similar files weren't detected by meson
#### The video is desynced / Frames don't appear at the right time
This is probably due to the ffms2 seeking bug ([#394]( On Windows, this shouldn't happen anymore. On Linux, you need to install the latest git version of ffms2 - for example the [`ffms2-git`]( AUR package on Arch linux, or just compile it yourself.
#### On Windows: Aegisub crashes whenever I open a video
If you're compiling yourself, try adding `--force-fallback-for=zlib` to the meson options.
# Aegisub