Fix crash on startup when the config file can't be written

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Thomas Goyne 2014-03-18 14:03:36 -07:00
parent e74f1dc80e
commit feb3b45ced

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@ -284,7 +284,12 @@ FrameMain::FrameMain()
int result = wxMessageBox(_("Do you want Aegisub to check for updates whenever it starts? You can still do it manually via the Help menu."),_("Check for updates?"), wxYES_NO | wxCENTER);
OPT_SET("App/Auto/Check For Updates")->SetBool(result == wxYES);
try {
catch (agi::fs::FileSystemError const& e) {
wxMessageBox(to_wx(e.GetMessage()), "Error saving config file", wxOK | wxICON_ERROR | wxCENTER);