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arch1t3cht eb07b3f9b8 Show hotkeys for vector clip tools
Move the function to generate toolbar tooltips listing hotkeys to the
command class, so it can be used outside of toolbar.cpp .
2022-07-12 16:54:04 +02:00
arch1t3cht 7da4493a0f Use command metadata for vector clip toolbar
This cuts down on the data duplication for the command names and help
texts, at the expense of copying a bit of code from the general toolbar

Modifying the toolbar Populate() function to also add additional buttons
appears very hard or impossible.
2022-07-12 16:49:22 +02:00
Thomas Goyne 6f546951b4 Use appropriate DPI images in more places on macOS 2019-10-06 12:46:06 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 09b2736103 Mark a bunch of things as overriding virtual functions 2015-07-28 14:30:02 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 8d26c66d0f Remove a bunch of unused functionalty from agi::Exception 2014-05-30 11:53:14 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 09e325a1c3 Clean up unused includes 2014-05-23 07:28:24 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 402aa509a0 Fix non-pch compilation 2014-05-17 18:01:41 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 0909d137b0 Mirror toolbar button images for RTL locales
Some of the toolbar buttons are seriously wrong when mirrored and there
doesn't seem to be a way to disable mirroring for the images while using
RTL layout for the toolbar itself, so double-mirror them so that they
end up with their original appearance.

Ideally the button images would be localizable as some of them actually
should be mirrored, but that's probably not worth the work involved.

See #1354.
2014-05-11 07:31:22 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 15ae2b0ccc Eliminate a bunch of explicit constructors/destructors
Use explicitly defaulted destructors for base cases when possible,
eliminate aggregate initialization constructors where possible, and push
some more stuff to NSDMIs.
2014-04-25 14:53:24 -07:00
Thomas Goyne ea96c6e2ad Make everything final that can be
Apparently gcc does use final for devirtualization.
2014-03-12 19:07:30 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 33a4a056a4 Move everything up a level since the root dir no longer has stuff 2014-03-11 12:14:57 -07:00
Renamed from aegisub/src/command/command.h (Browse further)