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arch1t3cht 64b92a95ac folding: Simplify fold operation code 2023-05-19 18:45:40 +02:00
arch1t3cht 818fcd51f4 Folding: Toggling folds by clicking the indicator 2022-07-27 15:23:47 +02:00
arch1t3cht 56cc1a6873 Add line folding
Line folds are managed using metadata of AssDialogue elements, and
saved in the project properties. They only affect the appearance of the
subtitle grid, and have no impact on other line operations.
2022-07-27 15:23:47 +02:00
Thomas Goyne 09b2736103 Mark a bunch of things as overriding virtual functions 2015-07-28 14:30:02 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 2269dbcfe0 Reuse previously calculated string widths 2015-02-07 14:56:48 -08:00
Thomas Goyne bddf44ddde Eliminate a bunch of memory allocations when getting column widths 2015-02-01 20:09:40 -08:00
Thomas Goyne a6b1639320 Extract some bits that don't need to be templated from templates
Cuts compile time by about 10% and shrinks the final binary a little.
2014-12-28 16:46:38 -08:00
Thomas Goyne 3b34ed9a77 Move AssTime to libaegisub and add tests 2014-07-06 19:25:49 -07:00
Thomas Goyne fa68b5ee1a Fix compilation with UTF-8 wxString 2014-05-30 11:53:15 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 19e8f19e52 Redesign project file handling
Add a new Project class which is responsible for everything related to
opening and closing audio, video, subtitles, timecodes and keyframes.
This pulls almost everything not directly related to playing audio/video
out of the audio and video controllers, pulls more crap out of
FrameMain, and happens to make things a little simpler in the process.
2014-05-22 09:29:12 -07:00
Thomas Goyne f261688b11 Don't ignore the contents of override blocks when counting characters for selection preserving 2014-05-05 06:27:37 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 8aa3c8761c Unswap the actor and effect columns in the grid 2014-04-28 10:10:33 -07:00
Thomas Goyne f83f8b73a0 Hide the CPS value if it's over 100 2014-04-22 12:35:41 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 1bd3572054 Make the CPS warning thresholds and color customizable 2014-04-21 11:11:40 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 7bc35cecb7 Don't show a CPS value for lines under 100 ms long 2014-04-21 11:11:40 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 543034b96b Change the background color of the CPS column when the value is excessively high 2014-04-21 11:11:40 -07:00
Thomas Goyne a1a289c4c0 Push more of the painting logic into the grid column classes 2014-04-21 11:11:40 -07:00
Thomas Goyne c3e024954c Make frame mode handling in grid columns a little less ugly 2014-04-20 07:01:48 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 6c6f60eb98 Add an option to ignore punctuation for the character counter 2014-04-18 20:11:38 -07:00
Thomas Goyne af32733797 Move character count stuff to libaegisub 2014-04-18 20:11:38 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 744717a164 Skip calculating the CPS for lines where it's very unlikely to be meaningful 2014-04-18 14:08:12 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 5143c34d70 Fix right and vertical margin columns 2014-04-18 14:05:31 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 5df871f599 Extract all of the column-specific logic from BaseGrid 2014-04-18 12:17:03 -07:00