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Setsugennoao 568597bddc vapoursynth: Fix VSScript DLL loading
We do this by first trying to fetch its location from the registry, then PATH
2023-11-03 02:24:46 +01:00
arch1t3cht b2ee8ac036 vapoursynth: Make loading error messages a bit more helpful 2023-08-15 16:04:53 +02:00
arch1t3cht 3d278547fe vapoursynth: Add Mac support 2023-04-29 21:24:14 +02:00
arch1t3cht 9a7314015f vapoursynth: Unify capitalization 2023-03-24 01:01:29 +01:00
arch1t3cht 0d0ed49546 vapoursynth: Only set loaded when fully initialized 2023-01-13 23:52:27 +01:00
arch1t3cht a3b131a312 vapoursynth: Reset locale after initializing
On Windows, Python changes the application's locale upon being called,
which will break wxwidgets, causing various assertion error dialogs or
even crashes (for example when interacting with any sort of float edit
control). Saving the locale and restoring it afterwards seems to be
the only really possible way to remedy this.
2022-11-02 23:51:10 +01:00
arch1t3cht 3f298bf03a Add vapoursynth video provider 2022-08-16 19:22:54 +02:00