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arch1t3cht 20caaabc07 Merge branch 'vapoursynth' into feature 2023-11-23 11:32:41 +01:00
arch1t3cht 07fa563fa6 vapoursynth: Ignore __aegi_timecodes on single-frame clips
The vfr class (understandably) does not like timecode lists with only
one element, so the current default script breaks when opening images.
So to not bloat the default script too much we just ignore
__aegi_timecodes in the provider in these cases.
2023-11-23 09:40:04 +01:00
arch1t3cht 4a939d1954 Merge branches 'vapoursynth' and 'fixes' into feature 2023-10-18 21:22:54 +02:00
arch1t3cht 79b3f4ccb0 vapoursynth: Add option to enable/disable user plugin loading
On Windows, plugins are shipped with Aegisub now and loaded from, so user plugins installed out of Aegisub are more
likely to just interfere with that (like when the user has an
old version of libvslsmashsource installed).
So this option defaults to off on Windows, but to on everywhere else
since VS plugins aren't shipped with Aegisub there.

Note that this option only disables autoloading of user plugins.
VapourSynth loads system plugins no matter what.
2023-10-18 13:31:47 +02:00
arch1t3cht 02567c2265 Rework the audio/video provider system
This became necessary now that more providers were added. Providers can
be proritized for certain file types (e.g. .vpy files will always be
opened with VapourSynth), and when the default provider fails on a file,
the user will be notified and be asked to pick an alternative provider.
2023-07-16 17:52:21 +02:00
arch1t3cht 9a7314015f vapoursynth: Unify capitalization 2023-03-24 01:01:29 +01:00
arch1t3cht 61b8a16cd8 vapoursynth: Unify capitalization 2023-03-16 02:26:10 +01:00
arch1t3cht 1f2eaaf6e4 vapoursynth: Show logged messages in progress window 2023-02-24 01:42:30 +01:00
arch1t3cht 097a0f45be vapoursynth: Remove file access checks
These are broken in some edge cases, such as smb mounts on Windows.
Paired with d96fc1f70d.
2023-02-24 01:42:30 +01:00
arch1t3cht 628d740108 vapoursynth: Add status dialog when running script 2023-02-24 01:42:30 +01:00
arch1t3cht e425ce4d9e vapoursynth: Allow __aegi_timecodes to be a path to a timecodes file 2023-02-23 23:55:00 +01:00
arch1t3cht 29ba61e55d vapoursynth: Allow __aegi_keyframes to be a path to a keyframes file 2023-02-23 23:55:00 +01:00
arch1t3cht 384fc69208 vapoursynth: Allow script to supply timecodes, keyframes, and audio flag
These are read from the __aegi_timecodes, __aegi_keyframes, and
__aegi_hasaudio variables respectively.
2023-02-23 23:54:56 +01:00
arch1t3cht c348f8582a vapoursynth: Add a preferred cache directory and clean it when necessary 2023-02-05 02:32:57 +01:00
arch1t3cht 32aaf6372c vapoursynth: Set path variables and import path in python 2023-02-05 02:28:06 +01:00
arch1t3cht 88867d402c vapoursynth: Default to 25fps when no clip fps set
This matches the behavior of the FFMS video provider.
2023-01-30 01:55:22 +01:00
arch1t3cht 3b02a199f0 vapoursynth: Fix default argument for color range
Unlike the other arguments for the resize function, "range_in" does not
use the same format as in the frame props. A frame prop _Range=1 means
limited, while an argument range_in=1 means full range.
2023-01-02 02:13:04 +01:00
arch1t3cht b7f3e19e00 vapoursynth: Don't update script colorspace if colorspace unknown
Aegisub will automatically override the YCbCr Matrix field of the
current file's Script Properties with the video's reported color space.
The FFMS2 provider guesses a color space for all videos, but we don't
do this for Vapoursynth. Thus, we now disable this overriding whenever
the colorspace isn't known.
2022-11-02 23:51:15 +01:00
arch1t3cht 3583e57ddc vapoursynth: use exact fraction for frame rate 2022-11-02 02:18:52 +01:00
arch1t3cht 40a9344d44 vapoursynth: Check if file exists before creating provider
Since FileNotFound exceptions don't abort the provider search, opening
an invalid path would show errors such as "vapoursynth not found" when
VapourSynth wasn't installed, even if VapourSynth wasn't selected as the
default video provider.
2022-09-27 23:17:54 +02:00
arch1t3cht febce3ecdc vapoursynth: Add configurable default script
This default script will be executed to load any file whose file name
extension is not .py or .vpy .

The gui code for setting the default script is still a bit wonky as it
doesn't fit the rest of the preferences pages nicely, but it works for
2022-09-27 23:14:30 +02:00
arch1t3cht 3f298bf03a Add vapoursynth video provider 2022-08-16 19:22:54 +02:00