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arch1t3cht 22fb4c6e8c Move luabins back to vendor
Workaround for TypesettingTools/Aegisub#162
2022-09-27 16:54:15 +02:00
Ryan Lucia 44af99a163 meson: move luabins to subprojects 2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
Ryan Lucia 3b7724aab4 Fix spacing around colons in luajit subproject files 2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
Martin Herkt 8905921a2d Initial port of the build system to Meson
Still some TODOs left. Probably only works on Linux for now.
2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
therealfun f6a2ac08a6 Makefiles: replace the use of subst macro with patsubst (#56)
$(subst .c,.o,...) replaces '.c' with '.o' everywhere in pathnames. For
example, renaming the "Aegisub" folder to "" will make the
build system generate "Aegisub.oool/.../.o" objects.
2018-03-05 09:28:29 -08:00
Martin Herkt 3594ade719 build: sort wildcard results for repeatable builds (#44) 2017-03-30 10:08:30 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 68eaab0f43 Convert the build system to non-recursive make
Speeds up a no-op build from 500ms to 60ms and significantly improves
dependency tracking.
2014-06-17 11:37:20 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 6500b379bd Remove all distfile stuff from the build system
It's unused and out of date.
2014-06-09 17:20:56 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 63f4bf1beb Switch from regular Lua to LuaJIT 2014-04-28 07:38:30 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 9492192b73 Switch back to building Lua as C
In preparation for switching to LuaJIT, which doesn't support PUC Lua's
thing of using C++ exceptions for lua_error.

Requires replacing all uses of lua_error (and things calling lua_error)
with custom versions that throw an exception instead and adding an
exception -> lua error wrapper at all C++ -> Lua boundaries.
2014-04-27 10:37:23 -07:00
Niels Martin Hansen 057a223b38 Integrate luabins into Aegisub's build system
Make it build as C++ so it links properly against the C++-built version
of Lua used in Aegisub too.
2014-04-24 23:01:27 +02:00
Niels Martin Hansen b4801ef1bb Import luabins 831869cdc8c5e7579804e6472a2dc6cbe0b2672b 2014-04-24 23:00:41 +02:00