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Amar Takhar fa9c8c17f8 Remove 35 of the 39 pragma once added in r3538. I didn't realise so many would be not required. This patch isn't tested on windows, I'll fix it after the buildbot takes a run at it.
Originally committed to SVN as r3539.
2009-09-18 03:01:51 +00:00
Amar Takhar 11e1935d76 Remove include guards in favour of '#pragma once'. Normally I would use an include guard however #pragama once is easier to spot and we already used it in mst of our files, this is for the sake of consistency until they're removed.
Originally committed to SVN as r3538.
2009-09-18 02:48:31 +00:00
Amar Takhar 774fb0f674 Fix all the headers in *., this includes:
* Wrapping all headers that are in agi_pre.h with AGI_PRE.
  * Sorting alphabetically.
  * Same operation as r3515.

Note: This is broken when precompiled headers are not in use, I'll fix that after this commit so the two changes don't get jumbled up.

Originally committed to SVN as r3525.
2009-09-11 02:36:34 +00:00
Amar Takhar 7a8c5229fd * Remove wxprec.h from all files other than agi_pre.h. Including this in various headers is useless as it includes wx.h which includes dozens of 'common' wx headers. With this we're unable to tell which files rely on which interfaces. This commit removes them and manually places in required headers as-needed.
* Update agi_pre.h to include some missing headers, also move required windowsheaders to the top of the list
 * Use <> versus "" for the wx header in avisynth_wrap.cpp
 * Remove xx/wx.h from agi_pre.h as it's included by wxprec.h.

Originally committed to SVN as r3513.
2009-09-10 10:26:50 +00:00
Amar Takhar 6ee2f98349 Note: This was done using a script! it's far from perfect but 95% of the work has been done already formatting-wise.
Document all functions, class, struct, union, enum, macro, variable, typedefs.  This isn't the actual document in itself but empty documentation using any old documentation if it was there.

This was done using exuberant ctags to get tag info, then a TCL script to parse/remove old comments and convert them into Doxygen-style.

Some notes:
 * Anything labeled 'DOCME' needs to be documented, @param and @return have been left blank as it would be annoying to delete the 'DOCME' from every one of those.
 * Some multiline comments may have been munged into single line comments
 * Leave the /// comments above global variables with a space, if they're harder to read then we'll be less likey to use them.
 * Enum comments can go after the enumeration itself '[value] /// comment'
 * include/aegisub/*.h haven't been converted yet, this will be done in a later commit
 * Some documentation blocks are in the wrong place, in the .h when it should be in the .cpp, or vice versa.

See for some details on Doxygen and a 'style guide'.

Originally committed to SVN as r3312.
2009-07-29 22:59:22 +00:00
Amar Takhar 12aa34088a Switch all headers to using Doxygen and cleanup contact info
* Swap old email + website address with 'Aegisub Project'
 * Set categories for all files (jfs)
 * Add descriptions for each file (jfs)
 * Add $Id$ keyword

Originally committed to SVN as r3310.
2009-07-29 05:43:02 +00:00
Amar Takhar 91d73ec8ea SVN Transition Step 3/7
1. cd aegisub/
  2. svn mv *cpp *h src/
  3. svn mv MatroskaParser.c bitmaps boost \
     changelog.txt config gl include libosxutil libresrc md5.c msvc mythes.cxx \
     mythes.hxx res.rc src/
  4. cd ..
  5. svn mv FFmpegSource2/ INSTALL README  acinclude.m4 \ automation/ bin build desktop dummy.txt lib \
     libass/ m4macros/ packages/ po/ scripts/ universalchardet/ aegisub/
  6. mkdir -p docs/wiki_convert
  7. svn add docs/wiki_convert
  8. cd docs
  9. svn mv convert.bat output wiki_convert/

* See r2749 for full description.

Originally committed to SVN as r2752.
2009-03-08 08:30:39 +00:00
Renamed from aegisub/validators.h (Browse further)