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Automation 4 Gui Functions
This document describes the available Automation 4 functions for
controlling the editor's graphical interface. These all reside in the
table aegisub.gui .
Getting and setting the selection and cursor in the text edit box
This set of functions controls the selection in the text edit box.
All indices are counted starting from 1, following Lua conventions.
The setter functions are applied after all subtitle changes have been
applied. Only the latest update is applied.
The getter functions return the state after the latest update by
the setter functions, or the original state if there were none.
function aegisub.gui.get_cursor()
Returns: 1 number
1. The position of the cursor in the text edit field.
function aegisub.gui.get_selection()
Returns: 2 values, all numbers.
1. Starting position of the selection.
2. Ending position of the selection, always larger or equal
than the stating position.
function aegisub.gui.set_cursor(position)
@position (number)
The new position of the cursor.
Returns: 0 values
function aegisub.gui.set_selection(start, end)
@start (number)
The new start of the selection.
@end (number)
The new end of the selection, i.e. where the cursor will be.
Can be smaller than the start, in which case the cursor will
be on the left side of the selection.
Returns: 0 values
Determining whether there are unsaved changes
function aegisub.gui.is_modified()
Returns: 1 boolean
1. Whether the current file has unsaved changes.