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Run tests (#125)
* [git] ignore IDE setting, Meson subprojects

* [win_installer] rename *.mo -> *.gmo

* [win_installer] only add aeg translations

* [win_installer] split aeg/wx translations

* [win_installer] gen & pack translations

* [git] ignore hunspell source dir

* [git] ignore uchardet source dir

* [test] Generate the test executable

run with `meson test`

* [test] add tools to remove test data files

`unset.bat FULL_PATH`

* [test] set to correct Error type

* [test] Set Source character sets to UTF-8 for MSVC

* [test] move test data files to build_root

* [git] remove IDE dir

* [git] ignore gtest subprojects

* [ci] run test in ci

* [meson/test] use more meaningful name

* [test] Add more comments and help msg
2021-05-23 23:33:33 -04:00

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@echo off
IF [%1]==[] GOTO :help
@REM Switch to the build directory
cd %1
@REM Restores all permissions to the four read-only and access denied files
icacls data\file_access_denied /grant %USERNAME%:F
icacls data\file_read_only /grant %USERNAME%:W
icacls data\dir_access_denied /grant %USERNAME%:F
icacls data\dir_read_only /grant %USERNAME%:W
@REM Delete the entire test data folder
rmdir /s/q data
@REM Show help information
ECHO Restore access and delete the test data folder.