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Automation 4 Progress Reporting and Debugging interface
This document describes the functions used for reporting progress and
outputting debug information during the running of a script.
Showing/hiding the progress dialog
This function has been removed. A progress dialog is always shown.
Setting the progress bar position
function aegisub.progress.set(precent)
@percent (number)
The percentage completed.
Returns: nothing.
Showing the current task
Used to set a message describing the current task being done.
function aegisub.progress.task(msg, ...)
@msg (string)
A format string used for the message.
Parameters to the format string.
Returns: nothing.
Setting the progress dialog title
function aegisub.progress.title(title, ...)
The default title for the progress dialog is the name of the current Feature
being executed.
@title (string)
A format string used for the title.
Parameters to the format string.
Returns: nothing.
Getting the "cancelled" status
Call this function to determine whether the Cancel button in the progress
dialog has been clicked.
function aegisub.progress.is_cancelled()
Returns: Boolean. True is the user has clicked the Cancel button, false if it
has not been clicked.
Outputting text to the debug log
function aegisub.log([level,] msg, ...)
function aegisub.debug.out([level,] msg, ...)
These two functions are synonyms.
aegisub.log is preferred since its name is shorter and more general.
@level (number)
Integer describing the verbosity of this message. Here are some suggested
values you can use:
0: Fatal, this is really an error that can't be ignored. (Note that the
script execution is NOT automatically stopped because of this.)
1: Error, this kind of error can be recovered from, but might result in a
fatal error later on.
2: Warning, something might be going wrong.
3: Hint, something isn't entirely sane, but nothing wrong.
4: Debug, some additional data only needed for development.
5: Trace, extremely verbose data showing every tiny step during execution.
The level can be used to let the user limit how severe messages will be
shown, so you eg. can leave trace messages in, yet the casual user of the
script won't see them unless he explicitly enables it.
This argument is optional and can be left out, in which case the message
will always be displayed, regardless of the current trace level set in
Aegisub. You SHOULD however always include this argument.
@msg (string)
A format string used for the message.
Parameters for the format string.
Returns: nothing.