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arch1t3cht b3eb182259 Merge branch 'bugfixes' into feature 2023-10-13 23:56:15 +02:00
arch1t3cht b8f4c98c4c Move iconv include to charset_conv.h
On newer mac sdks iconv_t is defined differently, so it's harder to
just have a typedef for it.
2023-10-13 23:52:26 +02:00
arch1t3cht 1fde843630 Merge branches 'fixes' and 'bugfixes' into feature 2023-09-10 14:04:30 +02:00
Alex James 4f67db8dd7 libaegisub: Avoid calling iconv_close(iconv_invalid)
IsConversionSupported unconditionally calls iconv_close on the
descriptor returned by iconv_open. This may result in crashes if
iconv_open returns iconv_invalid.
2023-09-07 19:38:59 +02:00
arch1t3cht 02567c2265 Rework the audio/video provider system
This became necessary now that more providers were added. Providers can
be proritized for certain file types (e.g. .vpy files will always be
opened with VapourSynth), and when the default provider fails on a file,
the user will be notified and be asked to pick an alternative provider.
2023-07-16 17:52:21 +02:00
arch1t3cht 9e8ac83998 Merge branches 'vapoursynth' and 'info' into feature 2023-06-11 01:22:14 +02:00
arch1t3cht d06a31968d vapoursynth: Add buttons to set default scripts to default 2023-06-08 18:41:12 +02:00
arch1t3cht dba4f4924e Merge branches 'lua_api' and 'bugfixes' into feature 2023-05-29 14:52:31 +02:00
arch1t3cht 42f7e53e92 lua: Don't check_stack in LuaCheckStack destructor
This would cause an assertion failure in functions like lua_for_each
when the given closure throws an error and thus leaves some  values on
the stack. This can make Aegisub crash entirely instead of just catching
and reporting the error. Instead, these stack_checks can be done
2023-05-22 09:23:22 +02:00
arch1t3cht 18fd966bd9 Merge branch 'bugfixes' into feature 2023-04-21 16:38:55 +02:00
arch1t3cht 165cb14879 Add AppImage build on linux
This consists of a meson option that
- sets a flag to make Aegisub read paths relative to the executable
- makes meson set up the symlinks like AppRun and .DirIcon as following
  the AppDir format

and a CI workflow that builds with this option, installs to an AppDir
directory, and bundles it as an AppImage.

Modified from arch1t3cht/Aegisub#12 .

Co-authored-by: Fred Brennan <>
2023-04-21 16:23:01 +02:00
arch1t3cht 6f073c6a31 Merge branch 'vapoursynth' into feature 2023-02-24 01:42:58 +01:00
arch1t3cht 1f2eaaf6e4 vapoursynth: Show logged messages in progress window 2023-02-24 01:42:30 +01:00
arch1t3cht 8b605c8fb5 Merge branches 'workarounds', 'bestsource', 'misc', 'info', 'wangqr_gui', 'fixes' and 'avisynth' into feature 2023-02-24 00:29:28 +01:00
arch1t3cht 1734f00d8a Don't assume a max length in fs::ShortName 2023-02-12 15:05:21 +01:00
arch1t3cht 66c90b7ed8 vfr: Ensure nonzero denominator 2023-01-30 01:56:52 +01:00
arch1t3cht c6b901dfbe Merge branches 'bugfixes', 'workarounds', 'fixes', 'gui', 'xa2-ds', 'avisynth', 'vapoursynth' and 'video_panning_option' into feature 2023-01-26 23:12:07 +01:00
arch1t3cht 86dfadb852 Merge branch 'misc' into feature 2023-01-26 23:11:37 +01:00
arch1t3cht c0f337a992 Allow '+' and 'E' in numbers when tokenizing drawings 2023-01-07 14:42:52 +01:00
arch1t3cht b3b4b96238 Fix HDD audio cache provider when channels > 1 2022-11-15 18:31:19 +01:00
arch1t3cht c0edbb2710 Fix syntax highlighting with empty clip 2022-11-09 09:36:45 +01:00
arch1t3cht 9d4a67b523 Merge branches 'info', 'video_panning_option', 'fixes', 'misc', 'vapoursynth' and 'wangqr_gui' into feature 2022-11-03 00:03:23 +01:00
arch1t3cht 7ddfef7517 Add syntax highlighting for drawings and vector clips
The highlighting distinguishes drawing commands from coordinates, and
colors x and y coordinates in different colors to make coordinates
easier to visually parse. Furthermore, in cubic Bezier curves, it
underlines the coordinates which corresponds to endpoints of the curves.
2022-11-02 23:58:01 +01:00
arch1t3cht 245cc68afa Fix FrameAtTime computation for CFR
The new formula is just the inverse function of the CFR part of
the TimeAtFrame function.

To see how the previous implementation was faulty, see either the added
tests, or
- In Aegisub, open a dummy video with a frame rate of 23.976
- Make a subtitle event with start time 04:44.41
- Double-click the line to (supposedly) seek to its first frame
- This will seek one frame earlier than it should, and the event will
  not be displayed on the resulting frame.
2022-11-02 02:19:38 +01:00
arch1t3cht 3b8cc6deb1 Merge branches 'misc', 'xa2-ds' and 'info' into feature 2022-08-19 02:31:59 +02:00
arch1t3cht 819d90e9b0 Stereo playback on Linux audio players
After the audio provider rework, adjust the audio players to not
use the int16 mono downmixed audio unless necessary. Furthermore,
the pulseaudio-based player now controls the volume directly through
pulseaudio instead of by modifying the buffer. This also reduces latency
when changing the volume.

The entire set of GetAudio functions is quite messy now. After wangqr's
audio rework, it was split into GetAudio and GetInt16MonoAudio
functions, but now volume scaling is also necessary. Really, this should
go back to a type constructor based system with audio players being
allowed to choose what properties out of mono / 16 bytes / int samples /
volume they need.
2022-08-18 22:48:40 +02:00
arch1t3cht 50fb12d433 Merge branches 'fixes' and 'info' into feature 2022-08-17 03:09:39 +02:00
arch1t3cht b697ad6ca0 Remove access checks in windows fs operations
These were giving false negatives on samba shares, which broke the font
collector. Windows also recommends to not use access checks in these
cases, and instead just see if the operations succeeds or not.
2022-08-17 02:54:09 +02:00
arch1t3cht 0b8f5ad8fa XAudio PR: Revert some changes and fix on linux
Mostly synchronizing with the updates made to the ffmpeg audio provider
and removing the CMakeLists.txt
2022-08-16 21:03:59 +02:00
Ristellise 994e50048a Finish up XAudio with a round of bugfixes 2022-08-10 21:23:56 +08:00
Ristellise fd28458ed8 Implement wangqr Audio Changes:
- To allow for XAudio2 to work properly, we need to rework how does provider work since they only are used to be able to take in mono audio.
 - Other providers have been dumbed down to accept single channel audio since originally aegisub only accepted 1 channel audio.
 - has been modified to accommodate for xaudio, as we currently don't accept redistributable forms of xaudio, we need to work around the WinNT version.
 - There has been 1 more fix to res.rc to allow for compiling on non tagged releases.
2022-08-10 21:09:41 +08:00
arch1t3cht 1772dd17ae Use std::this_thread everywhere
The previous logic wouldn't compile on linux using clang.

With the meson build requiring c++14, there's no need for platform
specific code. Really, the entire agi::util::sleep_for function could be
removed entirely, but I'll keep the patch minimal for now.
2022-07-27 15:20:03 +02:00
arch1t3cht 6e811ef6a7 Fix compile error on linux 2022-07-02 19:58:43 -07:00
Myaamori 84ac716972 meson: add uchardet port
Meson port instead of using CMake as I ran into issues with the
src directory (where uchardet.h is located) not being appended
to the include path, and on Windows I ran into a Meson issue
where a -D macro definition was being interpreted as a filename.
In the end a Meson port seemed simpler than working out the CMake
issues, as the CMakeLists.txt files were straightforward and easy
to port.

Note that because of the directory structure of the uchardet source
I had to change the include directive from uchardet/uchardet.h
to just uchardet.h. This is actually more in line with the uchardet
pkg-config file, which appends /usr/include/uchardet to the include path.
2021-05-21 21:09:36 -04:00
Ryan 51494a07d9 lua: run unicode-monkeypatch on Windows when loading scripts 2021-03-27 12:34:18 -04:00
Ryan 8d8ea166df lua: remove usage of luaL_reg in favor of luaL_Reg
The former was deprecated with 5.1, and removed entirely in later versions and in LuaJIT
2021-01-30 07:25:06 -05:00
Ryan 1384123e2d iconv wrapper: allocate a smaller buffer on the stack 2021-01-16 05:31:08 -05:00
Ryan d583744b69 Merge in work from TypesettingTools fork 2021-01-16 02:12:31 -05:00
Ryan Lucia 5ec5271eb5 meson: fix source file inclusion in libaegisub on osx 2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
line0 b8e2cf83fd fix PCHs on VS2019
* separate PCH for C and C++
* acconf.h now included in PCHs on windows, too
* meson now auto-generates companion source files for PCH headers
2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
Ryan Lucia 9708ca8e5e Add virtual destructor to SignalBase
Quashes a frequent warning
2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
Ryan Lucia 3b2d770d74 Fix PCH usage
Hopefully this time in a way that doesn't ruin life for Unix folks!
2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
Ryan Lucia c965171663 Remove autotools build system 2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
Ryan Lucia cde5778283 Make spacing around colons consistent 2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
Martin Herkt 8905921a2d Initial port of the build system to Meson
Still some TODOs left. Probably only works on Linux for now.
2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
Thomas Goyne 6ca879938d Always feed the entire file into uchardet when detection is needed
uchardet will report that a file is "ascii" if the first page has no bytes
>127, so we need to actually look at the entire file in case the first higher
byte is later in the file.
2019-09-28 18:13:44 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 8d17a0e88a Assume that files which start with a unicode BOM are valid files of that type 2019-09-28 18:13:44 -07:00
wangqr 10f7458b5f Fix PCM provider bugs 2019-09-22 17:41:02 -07:00
wangqr 7a1756a26f In tagless_find_helper only tag before start should be ignored
The search result is irrelevant to which tag we should ignore

Fix wangqr/Aegisub#17
2019-09-22 17:41:02 -07:00
wangqr 9ed381f498 Remove extra semicolon 2019-09-22 17:41:02 -07:00