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woclass e58e4a9149
Fix Mac dmg build (#138)
* [mac/build] update build steps

* [macos] bundle app

* [macos] build dmg

* [ci] setup macOS CI

* [i18n] TODO: rm WX locale files

* [deps] set main branch to main

* Fix

Create symbolic links, to make libicu happy
Rewrite the script in python3, as python2 is deprecated

* Add write permission before install_name_tool when doing osx-bundle

Fix wangqr/Aegisub#39

* Handle @loader_path in libboost on macOS

See wangqr/Aegisub#39

* [tools/mac] use python3

* [ci/mac] install & using system deps

* [ci/win] don't build fribidi:docs

* [ci/mac]  trying openal-soft

* [ci/mac] use pulseaudio in CI

* [ci/win] only run aeg's test

* [ci/win] fix CI

* [ci/win] fix CI: not use dict `{}`

* [ci] run ci

* [ci/win] don't build docs

* [ci/win] remove args tail newline

* [ci/win] false->disabled

* Use md title format

Co-authored-by: Ryan Lucia <>

* Recover file permissions.

* [ci/win] disable fontconfig

Co-Authored-By: Ryan Lucia <>

* [ci/win] disable libass:fontconfig

Co-authored-by: wangqr <>
Co-authored-by: Ryan Lucia <>
2021-10-12 03:37:49 -04:00
woclass 52c8fef28c
Generate Win (#124)
* [git] ignore IDE setting, Meson subprojects

* [win_installer] rename *.mo -> *.gmo

* [win_installer] only add aeg translations

* [win_installer] split aeg/wx translations

* [win_installer] gen & pack translations

* [git] ignore hunspell source dir

* [git] ignore uchardet source dir

* [win_installer\portable] add new target `meson win-portable`

+ meson install copy `include/unicode-monkeypatch.lua`

* [win_installer\portable] make

+ remove WinRAR deps

* [win_installer\portable] using powershell

* [git] upload

* [win_installer\portable] rm freetype

* [repo] remove Optional dependencies: WinRAR

* [repo] Update, add cmd to gen zip file

* [repo] use recommended build command

* [git] remove IDE dir

* [ci] add Windows portable installer build step
2021-05-23 04:37:54 -04:00
Ryan 7def61d46f Update README for Windows 2021-03-27 14:55:52 -04:00
Ryan d32ef75cba meson: move executable to the root directory 2021-03-27 09:29:37 -04:00
Ryan Lucia c218db6f34 meson: disable LTO by default 2021-03-06 14:57:27 -05:00
Ryan 6660594f64 Update URLs to point at the main repo 2021-01-16 05:31:08 -05:00
Ryan 2211b7a0a5 README: update for macOS with meson 2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
Ryan a77f7d48df meson: update to reflect fixes in dependencies 2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
Ryan a3ec466ff6 meson: fix Windows installer generation
This includes some miscellaneous cleanup to the installer files as well
2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
Ryan Lucia 47f7aa879d README: update Windows section to reflect the switch to Meson 2021-01-10 03:14:12 -05:00
Ryan Lucia a5228d8d44 Update OSX build instructions
Two notable changes: attempting to forcibly link icu4c no longer works for :reasons:, so you have to manually add it to the pkg-config and compiler/linker search directories. Additionally, homebrew removed build options from most packages as part of, and this includes luajit and boost. The former builds with gc64 by default on HEAD, and the latter with icu4c support by default, so this actually somewhat simplifies things.
2019-05-16 14:46:26 -04:00
Ryan Lucia 9ce76d3802 Update OSX build instructions
Tested against a fresh copy of 10.13
2018-05-31 04:23:59 -04:00
Sidney 40a0fb5910 fix(updated-macos-build): update Homebrew and wxWidgets instructions in README 2018-03-31 02:58:27 +02:00
Ryan Lucia 1b7388683f Document process for updating mooonscript 2018-03-03 12:46:20 -08:00
Rodger Combs 275a35fdeb README: fix outdated brew package names 2018-01-27 11:34:02 -08:00
Thomas Goyne de9290b75b Remove fontconfig from macOS deps 2018-01-27 11:33:23 -08:00
Rodger Combs 1bd25711eb README: document luajit and wxWidgets build procedure on macOS 2018-01-27 11:32:42 -08:00
Ryan Lucia a84c9b9a85 Fixed typo 2015-08-14 16:39:32 -04:00
Thomas Goyne 4366e59353 Update to Visual Studio 2015 2015-07-30 19:20:10 -07:00
Thomas Goyne b2a69c693d Update README to no longer say that Update 3 is unsupported 2014-11-23 16:33:03 -08:00
Thomas Goyne 9cd3be4166 Improve the build instructions a bit 2014-09-21 08:23:41 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 66c9872563 Update some out-of-date bits of the README 2014-09-21 08:05:42 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 8ff801a645 Update readme 2014-05-10 08:19:59 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 33a4a056a4 Move everything up a level since the root dir no longer has stuff 2014-03-11 12:14:57 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 1d69efc35e Kill the Update Dependencies project
Move downloading the ICU data file to the ICU project, since that's the
only thing that was left.
2014-01-01 14:27:26 -08:00
Thomas Goyne eb839ded82 Fix typo in readme 2014-01-01 07:13:25 -08:00
Thomas Goyne b2953e82cb Add the beginnings of a README file 2013-04-21 18:24:10 -07:00