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Thomas Goyne ed03cd9735 Fix compilation without fftw3 2014-10-12 15:23:58 -07:00
torque bf1f2ca5c7 Re-rasterize OS X bundle icon.
Rasterized using Inkscape. Fixes the incorrectly blended white fringes
the old icon had at all resolutions below 512x512.

Also includes retina-sized images.
2014-10-12 15:19:56 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 9cd3be4166 Improve the build instructions a bit 2014-09-21 08:23:41 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 66c9872563 Update some out-of-date bits of the README 2014-09-21 08:05:42 -07:00
Thomas Goyne c41e97cec1 Skip the [Aegisub Project Garbage] and [Aegisub Extradata] sections when exporting to ASS 2014-09-20 11:52:44 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 57d66be785 Fix skipping trailing empty segments in re.split 2014-09-20 08:13:49 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 9e6d5d7d9c Optimize Extradata handling a bit 2014-09-06 09:47:29 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 8567d9a573 Use more make_unqiue 2014-08-31 08:11:12 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 9ebb8d7df1 Silence a warning 2014-08-31 08:11:12 -07:00
Thomas Goyne e4368d59e4 Fix loading subtitles extradata from matroska files 2014-08-30 08:11:39 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 158288b66d Merge pull request #19 from darealshinji/patch-1
fix permissions in INSTALL_FLAGS
2014-08-26 14:56:44 -07:00
darealshinji c7dc8664de fix permissions in INSTALL_FLAGS 2014-08-26 08:30:42 +02:00
Thomas Goyne 54a7d43cf1 Use EnumFontFamiliesEx to try to find the correct match when fontconfig gives several options
Fixes collection of ITC Cheltenham, ITC Tiffany, Zurich, Delicious,
Jacoby, Segoe WP, Agilita LT, and a bunch of dumb improperly modified
fonts I have lying around.

Closes #1806.
2014-08-24 16:53:59 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 580386b229 Use FcFontSetSort rather than FcFontSetMatch
For whatever reason FcFontSetMatch sometimes returns something other
than the first result of FcFontSetSort, and every time they different
either FcFontSetMatch is wrong or they're both wrong.

Fixes collection of Adobe Jenson Pro and Arno Pro.
2014-08-24 16:53:54 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 375117c35c Merge pull request #18 from torque/extradata-dedup
Perform extradata deduplication on add.
2014-08-24 16:53:23 -07:00
torque 3c12fc69f3 Perform extradata deduplication on add.
Checks all existing extradata keys and values to ensure that the set
that is being added doesn't already exist.
2014-08-24 12:06:22 -07:00
Thomas Goyne d7fe7e3580 Make SubsController ensure files are non-empty on commit
There have been a bunch of recurring problems with things not handling
zero dialogue lines or zero styles very well, so add one to the file on
commit if needed.

Closes #1814.
2014-08-24 08:02:43 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 9ec4059096 Handle json parsing errors when loading shift times history
Closes #1802.
2014-08-24 07:42:57 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 6159f1587d Update wx
Removes the need for the RTL hacks in BaseGrid as the bugs have been
fixed properly in wx.
2014-08-23 15:56:32 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 416b9809c8 Update boost to 1.56
Closes #1818.
2014-08-16 14:01:58 -07:00
Oleksiy Prytchyn 4958bf3612 Add Ukrainian translation. Closes #1809. 2014-08-11 07:13:18 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 20470ea682 Actually register the SSA subtitle format 2014-08-10 06:52:58 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 5b47758539 Convert the clipboard module to the ffi 2014-07-28 15:52:37 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 97a19d4fe2 Shut up strdup "deprecation" warnings 2014-07-28 15:52:37 -07:00
Thomas Goyne e3c60514cd Add lua argument checker 2014-07-28 12:30:45 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 74a215f642 Convert the re module over to the LuaJIT ffi 2014-07-28 12:30:44 -07:00
Thomas Goyne a01a84fb4f Extract some common ffi API stuff 2014-07-28 12:30:44 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 0cf35894e1 Convert the lfs module to using the ffi 2014-07-28 12:30:44 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 4f08afd808 Convert the unicode lua module over to using the ffi 2014-07-28 12:30:44 -07:00
Thomas Goyne cf252fa91a Add simple type -> type name string compile time reflection stuff
This is needed for passing types to the LuaJIT ffi.
2014-07-28 12:30:44 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 77ecff1cba Eliminate a pointless multimap in the cache cleaner 2014-07-28 12:09:48 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 51b92390b6 Fix a bunch of float <-> double conversion warnings 2014-07-28 12:09:48 -07:00
Thomas Goyne ec407bbd7f Don't use std::min/max in mid()
VC++'s optimizer completely falls down on it for whatever reason.
2014-07-28 12:09:48 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 24b8db522a Remove unused things in block_cache.h 2014-07-28 12:09:47 -07:00
Thomas Goyne e2a11f2d90 Speed up aging the block cache
Keep track of the total size rather than recalculating it every time as
calculating the size actually takes while.
2014-07-28 12:09:47 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 641f1e2e81 Simplify AudioSpectrumCacheBlockFactory a little 2014-07-28 12:09:47 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 7a3110015e Change AudioDisplay::style_ranges to a vector
This is faster in all cases except for repainting a very small part of
the display with a very large number of range transitions and simplifies
the code a bit.
2014-07-28 12:09:47 -07:00
djcj f81736d461 update config.guess and config.sub 2014-07-28 12:08:23 -07:00
djcj 4c09f696d1 add '(Language)' after translated labels as suggested on the forums: 2014-07-28 12:08:23 -07:00
Thomas Goyne c9e4cea8ad Fix handling for automation debug formatting errors
One spot was missed when converting stuff over to using error_Tag rather
than lua_error for stack unwinding on errors.
2014-07-26 20:38:56 -07:00
Thomas Goyne eb0cf90433 Ensure the lua state gets closed when running tests
This is required for the gc metamethods to actually get run.
2014-07-23 15:29:55 -07:00
Thomas Goyne de686bdb6f Remove the automation thread priority stuff
It hasn't actually been used for anything for a while, and if a single
normal-priority thread can make your system unresponsive it's time to
upgrade to an OS that's isn't garbage.
2014-07-23 15:29:55 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 0cc941e559 Use wx events for invoking on the main thread on OS X
Dispatching to the main queue with GCD does not work when there is a
modal dialog active.
2014-07-23 15:29:55 -07:00
Thomas Goyne e675cf10da Don't version the executable on Linux
Release branches will continue to use versioned file names, but that
doesn't really make much sense for builds from master.
2014-07-23 15:29:54 -07:00
Thomas Goyne d61a9664c6 Write a BOM at the beginning of subtitles to make unpatched VSFilter happy
Closes #1795.
2014-07-23 15:29:54 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 45b5637e35 Update ffms2 2014-07-23 15:05:58 -07:00
Thomas Goyne d311da75e0 Change LuaJIT's deployment target back to 10.4
Targetting 10.7 makes the error handler segfault, and targetting 10.4
appears to work fine.
2014-07-23 14:53:48 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 97b5163874 Patch os module methods to add Unicode support on Windows 2014-07-15 14:32:54 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 68b824c8ca Patch and io.popen to support Unicode filenames on Windows 2014-07-15 14:32:54 -07:00
Thomas Goyne 584284aa79 Reject vfr timecodes which are all identical 2014-07-15 09:11:40 -07:00